Paradise is Possible!

By charles January 10, 2018 14:01

Paradise is Possible!

Paradise is much more accessible than you might think! Have you ever considered visiting the beautiful Turks and Caicos islands?

If not, why not?

If you’ve considered it before and pushed it to the back of your mind, it’s likely that the reason was cost. These places don’t come cheap, but the great news is that there are many ways to cut costs, and also that there are much cheaper ways to visit nowadays! The paradise beaches of the Turks & Caicos are more accessible than they have ever been before!

Finding ways to visit doesn’t just come down to transportation, because you need to know where to stay too. The further good news is that there are many rentals in Turks and Caicos, and these are considerably cheaper than you might think. Of course, there are also many other options available to you too, such as hotels, B&Bs, five star resorts – this is paradise, anything is possible!

The Turks and Caicos Islands are part of Great British territory, and they are quite small, at just 37 miles. This is an archipelago, and consists of 40 islands, however only 12 of them have life. The marine life around the archipelago is famously amazing, and scuba diving is a popular pastime. The main islands are Grand Turk and Providenciales. The islands are easy to reahc, as thy lie just south east of the state of Florida, however they are not in the Caribbean, as some people falsely think; they are actually in the Atlantic ocean. This doesn’t mean that the beaches are less fantastic – far from it! The water is clear, the sun shines, and everything is totally tropical!

These islands are also very popular cruise destinations, and because of that you can expect plentiful tourist activities and facilities available to you, especially in the resorts and in the capital city of Cockburn Town.

English is very widely spoken, and the currency accepted is the US dollar, which makes things even easier!

In terms of when to visit, it really depends on when you are available, as the temperature is relatively constant. The islands are subject to the odd storm during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs roughly from June to November, however there is no need to panic, as these are rare, and are very well prepared for. It’s not unusual to experience the odd thunderstorm during the summer months, and for temperatures to be very high, with mild nights too. The great news is that there are trade winds running across the islands, so humidity is kept to a minimum.

The Turks and Caicos islands are quite arid, when compared to other islands in the region, which means less in the way of rainfall, however there is a rainy season, which coincides with the aforementioned Atlantic Hurricane Season. Downpours are unlikely to be constant generally. Despite that, November to April is considered a very pleasant time to visit, with milder temperatures and less rain overall.

So, we know the facts, but what can you see there?

Beaches, plenty of amazing beaches!

Providenciales is home to the stunning Grace Bay, and there are many spots for wildlife and bird spotting here. The whale migration during the first few months of the year is also something to behold, and to see that you need to head to Salt Cay.

It’s not all about beaches however, as there are many other activities on offer, namely golf. Providenciales is home to the award winning Provo Golf Club, which is ideal for those who loves a few games in amazing surroundings, and there are also countless shopping opportunities, as well as spas and wellness. Obviously, a few glasses of rum punch are also necessary – it would be a crime not to!

Overall, the Turks and Caicos are not what you might think they are. They are certainly much more accessible than they ever used to be, and they are also much cheaper than ever too! This means that anyone can enjoy a spot of paradise, without the huge price tag. Whether you need a visa or not however is something you need to look into, as some countries and some don’t. If you do, contact your Embassy to find out the exact details, and be sure to do it well ahead of time, so you’re not left rushing around trying to organise your paperwork.

In terms of what to pack – sunshine clothes and flip flops! As we mentioned in our section on the weather, it is never cold, and whilst you may experience the odd storm, this is never going to be prolonged and it will never lower the temperature to the point where it is cold. You will certainly return with an amazing suntan, which will make your friends and work colleagues very envious indeed – just one of the perks of visiting paradise!

So, whether you are visiting a paradise island for the first time, or you’re a seasoned visitor to places where the way of life is slow, and the fun is all ocean based, then it’s time to look in the direction of the Turks and Caicos. This archipelago will show you that life is slow, chilled out, and that there is no need to rush. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of this island’s book when it comes to destressing and chilling the hell out. Life is too short to be stressed, and it’s a fantastic idea to be laid-back, island style!

By charles January 10, 2018 14:01
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